Some say that the day of your wedding is the biggest, most special day of your life.  That may well be true, at least until the birth of your first child of course.  And what better way to create a lasting memory of that occasion than with a newborn photography session?  I have a fully portable set-up to create the beautiful settings for your baby, allowing stunning images of your little bundle of joy to be captured in your very own home.  Avoiding heading out to a studio and staying in the comfort of familiar surroundings is a good start to putting both mummy and baby at ease.

We will set aside four hours for a newborn session, allowing baby as much time as they need for feeding and cuddles.  Those sleepy poses need baby to be as calm and relaxed as possible which staying in your own home and taking plenty of time really helps to achieve.

Newborn photography sessions are best arranged within the first two weeks of you child’s birth, ideally within the first ten days.  We understand that sometimes baby likes to keep us on our toes, arriving a little earlier or a little later than expected, so setting a firm booking is not always practical.  However it is recommended that you book your newborn photography session once you have had your twelve week scan, at which point we can pencil in a rough date and keep one eye on how things progress closer to that time.

Session fee – £90

Essex Newborn Photography - 1                     Essex Newborn Photography - 2                     Essex Newborn Photography - 3


Your child’s first birthday is arguably the most significant occasion between their birth and when they eventually fly the nest.  It’s a time you are going to want to mark and have something to look back on for years to come.

Why not go for one of our fun ‘smash the cake’ sessions?

We supply a brightly coloured iced cake, sit it down in front of your child and let nature take its course.  They can go as crazy as they like, make as much mess as they like, and the best bit other than the fantastic images that you will come away with of course, is none of the mess will be in your own home!

Session fee – £90