Louise & Tony – Pre-wedding shoot

Louise & Tony came to me a couple of months back to book their wedding which is coming up in the next few weeks at Warley Park.  Having already had to postpone their pre-wedding shoot due to the annoyingly unpredictable English weather we had to be ready to jump at the first sign of a dry day.

That day was last Sunday, which turned out to be a beautiful sunny day with a light scattering of cloud, the perfect recipe for a whimsical dusk photo session.  With their daughter joining us on the shoot I tackled the time we had more like a lifestyle session, opting for a relaxed and casual walk around Gusted Hall woods and the surrounding farmland in Hockley, Essex.

This gave the three of them some time to take a stroll as a family and enjoy each others company without too much interference from myself for the most part.  From this I hope the images show their family dynamic almost as if I were a fly on the wall.  Natural and relaxed was the order of the day.

We started off walking through the woods themselves to make the most of the fields of bluebells hidden in the shade of the woods, looking for some twisting paths through the bluebells that would serve well to create a line of motion through the images. At this point of the evening it was still a little too early and the sun still too high in the sky to be out in the open for the shots I wanted and this was a good use of time.

Heading out of the woods we followed the tree line around the fields.  Here I hung back allowing them to make their own way without being distracted by me so that I could capture the most natural of the images. As we approached the top of the hill the sun had made it’s way just low enough to be creating that soft golden light I had been hoping for which made for some lovely light and airy images that finished off the session just nicely.

A few of the images from Louise and Tony’s pre-wedding shoot are shown below.  I hope you enjoy, and remember to come back in a few weeks to see what we have from their wedding!


David Walker Photography pre-wedding shoot Louise & Tony-006 Louise & Tony-009 Louise & Tony-015 Louise & Tony-016 Louise & Tony-019 Louise & Tony-030 Louise & Tony-035 engagement photos david walker photography Essex engagement shoot


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